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  • Diane Domiano

New Visitor Tax in Quintana Roo for all Foreign Visitors

The state government of Quintana Roo—home to popular destinations like Cancún, Tulum and the Riviera Maya—has just introduced the VISITAX system to facilitate payment of a new tourism tax, which takes effect on April 1.

Passed by Quintana Roo's State Congress late last year, the new policy requires that all international visitors over the age of 14 pay a tourism fee of around $10 (depending upon the current exchange rate), payable prior to arrival, during their stay or before exiting the country.

Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez has explained that these funds will be used to further

develop the state’s tourism industry. Payments will need to be submitted electronically via the VISITAX website, although there is also an option to pay in cash at airport terminals.

The online VISITAX form will request the following information:

—Number of people traveling

—Name, age and passport number of each individual

—Departure date

—Payment information

Travelers departing Quintana Roo will need to show their receipt of payment at an airport checkpoint prior to boarding their flight. Those who haven’t yet paid at that point will be assisted in making their payment before proceeding.

Groups of international travelers will also be able to pay for all members of their party in a single transaction, as long as each individual’s information is included on the VISITAX form. Separate receipts will be provided for each person.

Link to make your payment:

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